What I played Today: To aru Majutsu no Index Fan RPG by Anonymous Spriter

So inbetween waiting for subs on Index II to come out, having exhausted my combo practicing of MvC3 for the day, and trying to decide whether or not I really want to spend $140 on a PSPGo so I can play Monster Hunter again, I’ve started playing the Index RPG that’s apparently impressive enough to be put on the sticky portion of the Raildex general threads.  So, to see what all the fuss is about…

Okay, so this doesn’t seem too hard, pretty standard 2D RPG…


First things first, you’re pretty much thrown into the game without any explanation what to do.  You talk to Agnese, Kakine, and Gunha (whom I have no idea in the slightest who he is or what side he belongs to) who are sitting around a table, then see some weird people near the top of the screen, as well as Maika, a Misaka Sister and Uiharu.  If you talk to the weird people, you fight some battles that you can’t escape out of, and end up fighting these delinquent fuckers here.  It took me a while to realize that none of my characters had weapons so I had to go buy some.  Then, you basically grind, grind, and grind until your characters actually learn “Skills” to help you win battles.

Seriously, you can’t win without grinding and using the more powerful Skill abilities to win.  The first boss fight of the game against Biribiri and Kuroko (not shown because I fucking roasted her :D) is really difficult because both of them hit really fucking hard.  I finally won when I learned Gunha’s “Reflect” spell and used other damage skill crap to whittle down Kuroko’s whopping 4500 HP and Mikoto’s 7000 HP (at this point, at Level 7, my character’s normal attacks do about 100-200 damage).  After it was all done, though, it felt pretty satisfying to win and recruit both of them into my party, and then we get a cutscene that explains everything about the story.

I’ve decided to stop for the day, and I honestly don’t have any intentions to really sit down and play for a day, but otherwise I’m having fun with it.  Most likely will play it prior to an Index Episode coming out, and I’ll possibly also complain about stupid shit while playing as posts so we can fill this blog with content! 😀

>Level 5




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