Weekly thoughts roundup – Earthquakes, Marvel, Persona 3 Portable.

  • First off, obviously, our thoughts are with the people of Japan who lost family or loved ones due to the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that followed it.  As of 2:46 PM, the death toll is expected to exceed 10,000 people.  I know we’re a bit late, but we wish the relief effort goes well.  I would strongly encourage anyone reading this to donate to a relief organization if you haven’t already, as redundant as it sounds, thought I wouldn’t donate to the American Red Cross just yet if you actually want your money to reach Japan.
  • Coming off the earthquake story, someone created a spreadsheet of a list of seiyuu, mangaka, musicians, etc. who have been confirmed to be safe from the earthquake via Twitter or statements from their respecting talent agencies.  That can be found here.

  • Finally got my PSP.  Currently playing Persona 3 Portable like I said I would, as well as Monster Hunter Portable 3 and Raildex game.  May do a little game break review for something like I did in the past, we’ll see.
  • I’ve decided to switch up my original MvC3 team.  I’ll be running two teams consisting of the splitting of my original team, and they are:

    Buktooth Faker: Dr. Doom (Plasma Beam), Wesker (Samurai Edge), Chun Li (Hyakuretsukyaku).
    Blood Red Mango: Crimson Viper (Burn Kick), Dante (Jam Session), Sentinel (L. Sentinel Force)

    Was going to make picture, but I’m way too tired right now to do something like that (happens when you work on the weekends).  Currently working more on the first team since Sentinel is so easy modo, which means I’ll be ripping off Buktooth’s strategies whenever he uses this team.



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Former AnimeBlogger writer at Anime Blog ga Arimasu (defunct, you can probably time wayback machine it to get a sense of what it once was). Former US Air Force Security Forces Airman. Stupid nerd.
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