IT’S MAHVEL BAYBEE: Ultimate MvC3 Day 3 Comic Con news *Updated*


    • Above video is a Gamespot interview with Seth Killian.  Along with the usual information tread on before, Seth talks about the play-styles of the characters…which was also tread on before, if not so completely obvious from gameplay videos (Firebrand swoops down like in Ghosts and Goblins, Strider plays like his MvC2 iteration, etc.).  He did add that Hawkeye has 16 different arrow types as of this build, which was to be expected to try and differentiate him from Taskmaster’s angled arrow stuff, as well as Ghost Rider being very “Dhalsim” like, meaning he’s very suited to playing long range. There are also some new Marvel and Capcom cameos in some of the newer and older stages, so…yay?
    • The bigger tidbit comes in the latter part of the video, where Seth talks about Phoenix in regards to Dark Phoenix being overpowered.  Seth confirms that Phoenix isn’t as able to follow up air fireballs with teleports as quickly as before, so her mixup game has been weakened.
    • A live video feed with Niitsuma Ryota took place today regarding other details for UMvC3.  A complete list of changes was noted here so I’ll only touch upon a few things I found interesting: online features-wise, UMvC3’s match making process is much smoother, which I assume means that it will not boot you back to the menu screen like the original MvC3 did.  Moreover, online lag is reduced, though I’ll have to wait until I get my hands on the PS3 version to be the judge of that (as of now, I find the PS3 version’s online to be atrocious).
    • Not everyone got a new move, some only had their attacks and frame data tweaked.  C. Viper is noted to have gotten a new move, which I take to mean that she has a move in Marvel that she doesn’t actually have in SSF4, though it could also mean that the dive-Burning Kick portion of her Ultra II/Burning Dance is in, seeing as how Full Throttle is much different, yet similar.
    • Costumes and colors available have expanded past the usual 4. Places that let you pre-order the game have already been stated to give you a download code to a certain costume pack depending on where you buy it.

Personally, I wanted slut-dress Chun instead of Alpha tights again.

  • Shadow Mode will not return in UMvC3.  Good thing they realized how dumb it was.
  • If UMvC3 sells well, they could make more content.  LIKE MEGAMAN IN THE ROSTER.

I’m going to be mad if there’s an Ultimate MvC3: “Arcade Edition” next year…


Didn’t realize Olaf from Cross Counter posted up some interviews with Niitsuma, Killian, as well as more character changes.  Aside from the ones already listed by fLoE, Olaf has some other character notes, as well as more notes regarding the 4 new playable characters:

  • Akuma’s Demon Flip Kick OTG relaunch is more strict on timing, notes it might not even be possible anymore.
  • Amaterasu seems unchanged.
  • Chun-Li does slightly more damage, slightly higher priority. Considering you had to do a shit load of work (trust me, I know) to get around 400k damage with her, this could be positive, but not something that would make me go back to using her competitively.
  • Dante is slightly slower, 1 or 2 frames added to startup on some normals.  Hitstun decay affects him more, so Sky Dance is noted not to work as much, but he’s still very strong overall.
  • Morrigan is playable now, better damage and priority, flight combos useful.  Like Chun, I don’t believe this will still make her competitive.
  • Ryu’s charge Hadoukens and Shoryukens go more into detail, Hadouken can be made so fast it’s invisible O_O.  Ryu now has a “buff” Super similar to Dante’s Devil Trigger or Wolverine’s Berserker charge.  Gives Hadouken better durability in and out of assists, allows the cinematic Shinkuu Tatsumaki seen in the trailer.    The bounce off of Shinkuu Hadouken might be caused due to the buff super or it might be caused by holding down H a la Akuma, he posted he needs to test it to see which it is.
  • Spencer’s has a new “Flying Knee Drop” move, which I assume means the Death from Above move he has.
  • Wesker is largely unchanged, apart from his lower health commented by fLoE.
  • Dr. Doom is faster overall, j. S falls much faster, cr. A is super fast and mashable (as if it wasn’t in vanilla MvC3), S launch is safer on block.
  • Magneto’s Tri-dash is slower, which means unblockable set ups are now harder, if even possible at all.   However, the “ROM loop is now easier,” which I’m guessing he means the Ghetto ROM.  Flight loop seems harder to catch though.
  • Phoenix’s changes are the same noted by fLoE, but Olaf notes that “come November, she’ll be a character” and that “Aerial X-Factor doesn’t save her.”
  • She-Hulk’s TAC cancel is gone, cr. H/Slide has less range.
  • Wolverine can still combo after starting with a Dive Kick, the ground bounce just doesn’t work if the stagger was used to start the combo.  Swiss Cheese move by tapping the attack buttons rapidly a la Chun Li’s Hyakuretsukyaku.
  • X-23’s OTG/Ankle Slice has a slightly larger window making it easier to use, air combo range is trickier.

As for the new characters, there’s a lot of characters, so I’ll only cover things I really have things to say about:

  • Strider’s Animal summons are very safe, teleports and teleport dive kick is still good, running slide OTGs but hard to combo into without assists, Ouroburos is VERY GOOD: Olaf notes that, even without X-Factor, these things hurt, and that with Ouroburos activated, teleports and assists will lead to constant resets, and states that Ouroburos = dead character unless changed by the time the game releases.  As if Strider needed MORE reasons to be overplayed when the game comes out.
  • Ghost Rider is similar to Whip from the King of Fighters series, “very simple and very complicated.”  Still doesn’t seem like it’ll stop him from being at least mid-tier from what the gameplay videos show.
  • Hawkeye is challenging to play, needs to have a team built around him to get the most of him, tricks are interesting but pays for mistakes badly.  Level 1 Arrow Super has a ton of hitstun for DHC potential.  Normals are okay, but not great, as expected of a range/zoning character.
  • Firebrand has moves that automatically initiate flight, notes the command grab where Firebrand drags his opponent across the floor is his most terrifying move.  Olaf says he’s very awkward.  Dark Fire is the Bread and Butter Hyper, Luminous Body Buff Super wasn’t clear on what exactly was buffed, Red Arremer Super is noted to take different actions depending on what button is pressed: A for Fireball, B for Psycho Crusher-type move, C for swooping divebomb.  Could lead to some terrifying setups.
  • Olaf’s interview with Niituma and Killian amounted to “Why the fuck isn’t Megaman in the game?” which I find hilarious.  With Niitsuma, he confirms that Vegil being in the game is because the lead designer likes DMC, as well as the majority of Japan (which I take to mean as Japanese fangirls wet for Dante and Vergil).  Niitsuma says he wanted to avoid overlapping as much as possible, which I take to mean as Megaman being too similar to Zero.  Olaf then points out to him that Megaman in MvC and MvC2 was vastly different to Trigger/Volnutt in TvC, to which Niitsuma had trouble giving an answer.
  • Niitsuma says Capcom’s choices were mainly internal, Marvel choices were mainly Unity votes.  Good to know you cared about our votes, Capcom.
  • There won’t be any character reveals at EVO, we’ll have to wait at least a month.
  • Killian states he’s one of the biggest Megaman fans at Capcom, and that there’s only so much he can do.  He doesn’t know when the next time we’ll see Megaman will be.



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