IT’S MAHVEL BAYBEE: Preparing for the switch – Character/Team analysis

Team Viral Robo (alt. Metal Masturbation toys for Wesker)

This is more of a personal post about me talking about myself rather than the news reposts I’ve been doing for the better part of a few weeks, but it’s also my own way of planning how to approach UMvC3 when it releases this year; perhaps it could inspire others to do the same if they haven’t already.

The most comprehensive list of changes to the original cast of MvC3, as well as gameplay mechanics, for UMvC3 were compiled at here while I was away.  While looking at it, I’ve begun to reflect on my own team and whether or not I’ll be switching mains.

No, that’s actually not really the truth.  In almost any game I’ve been somewhat competitive at, if that game is part of a series, it’s natural for me as it might be for others, to change what characters they play in depending on how the new system for that particular fighting game is.  This of course can fall along the lines of “tier-whoring” but I think it’s more of an analysis on what made a character you like and used well work for that particular system and what now works in the new system.  If you’re driven by a one-character love, then that’s fine; God knows I love Chun-Li enough to attempt to be competent with her in any incarnation in any game (which, coincidentally, turns out pretty well in some games).  But a lot of us are also playing in hopes of winning a tournament, and sometimes we can feel that no matter how good we can get at what might be a mediocre character, we’d have a better chance of winning if we were to find another character that can fulfill that same role either better, or just as well with more bells and whistles to boot.

I could say more on this, but it’d also require me to think and structure my sentences better to actual make it comprehensible and entertaining to read.  To get back to my main point, I present what was my current tournament running team that I only recently was able to use decently.

Wesker – ß (Samurai Edge)
Doom – α (Plasma Beam)
Spencer – Γ (Armor Piercer)

What this team does in a nutshell –

Wesker – A lot of the inspiration and strategy for this Wesker comes from the Marvel 1.0 Viscant video on Cross Counter, and Maximillian’s “Assist Me! Wesker” tutorial series in which both Viscant and Ma uses Wesker on point as a VERY effective battery.  Typically, a full BnB combo with assists can lead Wesker to dealing 500k with the option to character reset with st. A and have an opportunity to mixup or reset a character with an airthrow that can typically lead to around 250-300k damage, cross up attempts in the corner using assists, or, my personal favorite, a jump loop combo in which Wesker is able to deal another 400k damage, which, added to opening with a full BnB combo, is enough to kill low health characters like Wolverine, Magneto, Amaterasu, Chun-Li, etc.  It’s these tools that make Wesker one of the most effective characters in the game and the reason why he’s so overused.  Assist wise, Wesker hardly ever gets to use it, but if he is snap backed, his Samurai Edge Assist is great for combo extending.

Dr. Doom – Again, a lot of inspiration for Doom’s position comes from Maximillian’s “Assist Me! Doom” tutorial series, and the Marvel 1.0 Viscant video, though that particular example is more indirect.  Doom is also a very good battery, though his combo’s aren’t nearly as basic, and I do not use him with assists whatsoever.  In my team, Doom is the Assist character, using the full screen Plasma Beam as a way to lock down opponents, rather than using the generally more popular Hidden Missiles Assist.  I choose this because the Plasma Beam assist is the perfect assist for setting up Wesker’s st. A reset, as well as providing a good blockstring for Wesker to teleport on the other side of the opponent and cross up, or away and rethink.  Other than that, I use Doom as a fairly hard hitting character, as he also has fantastic uses for meter which he also builds fairly well, especially when the opponent is in the corner.   Of particular note, a Doom BnB into Sphere Flame and XFC’d into another Sphere Flame deals 1.3 Million damage: this was enough to kill pre-patch Sentinel, and enough to kill Thor and Hulk should the need arise.

Spencer – Inspired (more “ripped off” than the other two though) by Combofiend’s use of him, as well as Desk’s own little combo videos with him, Spencer is used as my anchor, and the one most likely to receive an X-Factor Level 3.  Spencer is a bit more predictable in his patterns due to his use of the Zip Line move to really get around and cross up, but scoring that hit usually means a dead character, so Spencer has the ability to clean up fairly well.  Compared to Wesker and Doom, my Spencer is fairly basic, but I’ve found him effective to use in most matches I play him with.

Team Synergy – Altogether, the characters seem to interact well together, with the exception that rarely any DHC combos are used concerning Wesker and Doom, as Maximum Wesker doesn’t always combo into Sphere Flame depending on positioning.  DHCing into Spencer is a matter of timing with Maximum Wesker, but Doom’s combo into Air Photon Array, again with timing but less so, can DHC into Bionic Arm or Bionic Manuevers.

The Team CAN achieve the DHC glitch, though it’s only used practically in certain situations i.e. Doom dies because I made a mistake in calling him as an assist.  Spencer, on point, can do his jump combo into Zipline in the corner and set up for Bionic Manuevers, then DHC out with Wesker’s Counter Super, then OTG after the opponent falls.  Doom can also fill this role, but requires 3 Meters to do so: the plus side is that, in the corner, Doom has access to what Maximillian calls the “Brain Dead” combo in which Doom does a simple air loop, land, OTG, and repeat for a maximum of 3 times before using Sphere Flame.  It’s good to know I have the DHC glitch in my arsenal with this time, but I’ve never had a chance to actually use it.

The team in UMvC3

First off, the DHC glitch is gone, so that entire last paragraph is rendered useless. ;_;

For now, all I have to work with regarding buffs and nerfs are the initial gameplay notes from Comic-Con in that link in the 2nd paragraph.  The game will be playable this week at EVO and more information will most likely be gathered, but it wouldn’t be too farfetched to say that the nerfs and buffs to the original cast are most likely the ones we will see in the final game.  So what does this mean for the team I already have set up in vanilla MvC3?

Wesker notes from NeoGAF:
– Much lower health overall. Estimates put him in the 800-900K category now. We are talking at least a 200K drop in health.

– Appears to have slower teleports (?)

– Air throw pushes the opponent all the way to the corner making it harder to follow up.

Conclusion:  Thanks to Wesker’s dominance in MvC3, he appears to have received nothing but nerfs.  Wesker now requires fewer mistakes after a combo due to his lowered health, ironically making him able to kill HIMSELF in that same mixup game that can cause 900k if an opponent guesses wrong.  Slower teleports mean Wesker cannot cross-up as easily, and anyone looking to play the teleport game with him will need to adjust.  Wesker’s Air throw was originally very easy to follow and OTG no matter which direction you sent the opponent (Back would toss opponent right next to Wesker when he landed, Front would toss opponent a dash away)Personally, I used the Air Throw in the Corner anyways, but it does mean one less option Wesker has, and more usage of the Air Combo Loop, meaning it could be more predictable.

Doom notes:
+ Dooms j.H laser is faster

+ Faster cr.L

+ Launcher appears to be safer on block

+ Overall, Doom’s projectiles appear to be faster now

+ Doom’s forward throw causes a hard knockdown now

+ Air S moves faster vertically

+ Air S causes ground bounce on juggle

Conclusion:  On the other hand of the spectrum, Doom has received nothing but buffs according to the build at Comic Con.  Dooms Laser was a very annoying spacing tool in MvC2, but lost this effectiveness in MvC3 due to the fact that the laser did not travel very far unless you super jumped/in flight mode.  Whether this means UMvC3 will now take after Doom’s MvC2 laser remains to be seen, however.  Doom’s cr. A (L) was already pretty fast and spammable, making it faster seems to be unfair.  Launcher/S being safe on block is neat, but most of the Doom Blockstrings involving dash-cancelling might still be better than whiffing Launcher or having it blocked.  Projectiles being faster makes Doom’s spacing more effective, and should be advantageous for beating out other assists should it carry over to the Assist version.  Doom’s forward throw now has the potential to be followed up midscreen and not just in the corner.  Air S being faster makes getting Doom back on the ground more effective, especially for cross ups in the corner.  The ground bounce could become a problem if Doom cannot achieve the “Brain-dead” combo because of achieving a ground bounce, but I’m sure Maximillian will clarify at EVO if this is true or not.

Spencer notes:
+ New OTG Dive bomb move “Death from Above” that Spencer can combo after connecting

So far, the only information is that Spencer has a new OTG move.  Aside from damage being reduced from X-Factor Level 3, Spencer looks unchanged.  Whether this is good or bad will depend on what changes happen to the rest of the cast.


It’s pretty hard to give a read on Spencer since I want to attribute his lack of information being that no one actually played much of him rather than that really is the only thing different about him, but he’s staying for the time being.  Doom’s buffs seem to only improve him significantly, so it’s safe to say that I will be keeping him as well.

Which only leaves us with Wesker.  Overall, Wesker seems to still be a top contender, since there is apparently no changes to the amount of damage he is able to do, his options still look like they are there, just different and maybe not as good, but not enough to rule him out completely as a character.  I might have lucked out in regards to always having to switch characters, so why would I bother with this entire report if I’m going to stick to the same character?

Well what about the other characters?  Is there a character that can do what Wesker does, but better? Despite not having that much info on the newer characters, I’ve prepared some choices on who I believe could potentially fill Wesker’s role just as well, if not better, in my team.

Option 1 – Strider

Maximillian mentioned that the reason he used Wesker is that he is because his playstyle resembles Strider’s from MvC2.  I never got competitively good at MvC2, but I’ve seen enough videos from MvC2 and a good read on the current gameplay videos of Strider in MvC3 to be certain that Strider is probably my best bet at a replacement.  The big hit I see here is mainly damage potential, but of course that’s only because no one’s been able to really experiment with Strider in the lab as opposed to always playing against a human opponent; he could potentially have  a jump loop we don’t know about yet.  Other than that, Strider has OTGs, teleports, and speed to match Wesker, as well as his own special tools like his animal and orb summons.  While Doom rocks don’t work quite as well here as opposed to MvC2, I can see Plasma Beam working just fine in that department.

Option 2 – Vergil

Option 2 – Vergil

Granted, Vergil’s gameplay hasn’t even been revealed yet, but there’s more to me picking at the game’s release besides “He’s such a badass.”  In DMC3, Vergil only had access to the Darkslayer style,whereas Dante had 5 styles to choose from.  Dante’s teleport is derived from a single move from the equivalent of Vergil’s Darkslayer style, the Trickster style.  Dante has alot of his styles integrated into his moveset, so naturally Vergil must also be so.  What Vergil had were only positioning Teleportations, which made him less versatile, but allowed him to get in and out of enemies’ faces very quickly in DMC3.  It’s safe to say Vergil will have access to these teleports, and that they will work similar to Wesker or Deadpool.  What he has available during/after these teleports will make or break my deal with him, but I’m fairly certain that Vergil might be just as good as Strider in providing for this team.

And finally…

Option 3 – Phoenix Wright

Wright, on the other hand of speculation of characters who gameplay we don’t even know yet, is just my personal favorite who I WILL make competitive because he’s motherfucking Phoenix Wright.  If he has no teleports, then so be it, I don’t need that shit.  HOLD IT THAT.


EVO is this weekend, so a final verdict on Strider might be available as early as next week.  Vergil and Wright will come with time.  For now, I’ll enjoy the strengths Wesker has now before the four months are up and make the most out of salty runbacks on vanilla Marvel before shit goes down this November.

Can’t think of anything witty to end this with.



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2 Responses to IT’S MAHVEL BAYBEE: Preparing for the switch – Character/Team analysis

  1. Eclipse says:

    Where did you find the templates for that background with the picture of the three characters on front? I’d be interested in creating my own templates like that and using it as a wallpaper if possible. Thanks.

  2. Jay says:

    @Eclipse: I actually grabbed them from Capcom’s Static Site back when the leak happened, but I did go ahead and save all of them. You can grab it here:

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