Figure Review – Special Deliveries Pt. 1 (Alter Saber Lily, Alter Fate -Phantom Minds-)

It’s gonna be a long day…

See these piles of boxes?  This currently includes the following:

-The figures that I bought from AX this year
-Figmas/Nendoroids from my parents’ house that I couldn’t bring over on my initial flight here
-A new little something I bought from

Honestly, this initial post is going to be very short since not only am I just really lazy right now, but Shirukii already covered the Fate figure, I’m just posting my little thoughts on it.  Hence, this post is split into two (or it will when I write the other part up tomorrow…), so without further ado, let’s take a look at:

Alter Saber Lily

Released in part due to selling out of Good Smile’s Distant Avalon figure, Alter’s own Saber Lily figure seemed to be released specifically to quell the cries of the poor souls who could not get Good Smile’s version (to which Good Smile noted and proceeded to produce the Golden Caliburn version); at least that’s how I felt when I bought this figure at AX since I pretty much lost hope of ever getting Distant Avalon.  Of course, that didn’t turn out the way I had expected, but I still think pretty highly of Alter’s attempt: while not as big, it captures the flowing skirt portion very well, and has a different sort of brightness when compared to cousin.

The figure only consists of two parts besides the base: Saber herself holding Caliburn’s sheath (which doesn’t actually work as a sheath), and Caliburn.  Again, most parts of the figure seem much brighter than Distant Avalon, most of it having to be using brighter colors shades, but also because only slight touches of pink are seen throughout Saber’s attire, whereas Distant Avalon had a more even ratio of white to pink.  Even the Alter versions armor leggings are white, which is strange to me since they are supposed to be metal grey or whatever color is used for armor.

Also, this is just nitpicking, but when comparing the two figures Caliburns, aside from Alter’s being a bit smaller, the design at the top seems detailed differently: Alter’s little symbol looks more like a penis. o_o

Work attire, play attire.

Overall, the figure has enough good points for me to like it in a different way compared to Distant Avalon, and not argue whether Alters or Good Smile’s version is better.

Alter Fate Testarossa -Phantom Minds-

Yes, Glaive Form is upside down. 

I don’t think I really can add anything that Shirukii hasn’t already said: Fate comes with a ton of variations of Bardiche that all look really awesome to use no matter which one you choose…except for Axe form which has no yellow parts.

Speaking of the yellow parts, I had already kind of expected it, but the material used for them looks really weak.  I had thought they would be a bit more sturdy than what is used for the Fate figma, but it’s actually about the same material; a bit more density, but it feels just as easy to break should the figure take a bad fall from something like an earthquake.  I am a bit scared for that, but what’s done is done.  Maybe that’s what Axe form is really for?

As opposed to Shirukii seemingly displaying it with Scythe, I’ve chosen to use Glaive as mine.  Since the yellow parts on glaive break away from the main staff, I think they’ll survive a bit more should something happen.  I’ll switch to scythe once I find a more permanent place to live, as well as having a better place to put them besides a the top of a drawer.

That about covers it for now, I’ll post a part two later.  Just feeling a bit lazy, so much so that I didn’t really want to write about Marvel or SFxT info from Gamescom. Will get to those eventually.  As for how to end this to set up part 2…

Target Confirmed.  Start Attack.

We will hold battle position.



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